All images by Leon Alesi

All images by Leon Alesi



Resting in the space between day spa, fetish shop, and soft, cuddly safety blanket, Comfort Station is a haven of love, acceptance, and service. Within its walls, you will be pampered in the sweet, innocent ways you crave, without judgment and with honest affection. How many I serve you? 

Services include: 

Lullaby Sessions

Band-Aid Placement Rituals

Full Attention Sessions (optional cell-phone hang-up available) 

Forehead Kiss 

Back Pat/Scratch

Human Couch (shoulder-, lap-, or hip-lying)

Hair Play

And more 

Collections of Comfort Station blankies, sugar-pop comfort licks, and touchstones are available for sale. 

Note: services do not include sexual play of any kind. 


Private Sessions can be arranged through the contact page of this website.


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